The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI)

is a free program, seeking to enable parents to become leading advocates for children. The cornerstones of the program are respect, validation and a belief that when the tools of democracy are understood, the public will actively engage in civic life. Parents are offered three phases of training:

Class Overview

RETREAT: Creating a Caring Community for Children

WEEK 1: Thriving with Diversity

WEEK 2: The Change Process

WEEK 3: Parents as Change Agents

WEEK 4: Define a Problem and Work Towards a Solution

WEEK 5: The Intentional Use of Language

WEEK 6: Learning How the Community Works

WEEK 7: How Local Systems Work/ How to Interact with Them

WEEK 8: Networks

WEEK 9: The Power of Media

WEEK 10: Using your Voice

WEEK 11: Life Cycle of the Child & Family Function

WEEK 12: The Socio-economic Trends

WEEK 13: What is Public Policy

WEEK 14: How Does State Gov’t Work

WEEK 15: How Does Local Gov’t Work

WEEK 16: How do we understand the law

WEEK 17: Budgets—From Wallets to State, It’s all Money & Priorities

WEEK 18: Evaluation, Outcomes, & Accountability

WEEK 19: The magic of unexpected alliances

WEEK 20: Putting it all together

~ Graduation ~

Families are one of the most important catalyst to reform and change.

When given the opportunity, time, and shared knowledge families will engage in public policy, community change and creating equitable outcomes.

Become a Family Leader!