New Visions Bridge 

We ensure successful postsecondary transitions for New Visions graduates


The New Visions Bridge to College program utilizes near-peer mentoring to increase college matriculation and decrease the effect of “Summer Melt” - the phenomenon of college-intending students failing to enroll in college in the fall following high school graduation. Partner schools receive a College Coach, who is a current college student and alumni of the high school, to provide outreach and support to all graduating students in the spring semester and throughout the summer following graduation.

Program Impact

An estimated 10 -40 percent of high school graduates who have been accepted to a college and sent in their commitment forms never set foot on campus . A primary reason is that the support students had been getting during their senior year disappears over the summer. The NV Bridge to College program fills this void by providing a structured support system to ensure all college bound graduates successfully transition from high school to college.

Program Model

Coaches support students to complete critical pre-enrollment milestones including:

“I was most proud of helping one student apply to college when his mind was set on not going to college at all. He thanked me numerous times and is excited to start .” 

- College Coach, Summer 2018

Program Timeline

November - Schools identify a summer site supervisor and 3 recent graduates to interview as potential College Coaches.

November/December - New Visions/high schools interview College Coach candidates.

December - College Coaches are selected and hired.

January - College Coaches and College Counselors attend an orientation session, which will prepare them to begin visiting schools in the spring.

March-April - College matriculation support will be provided to all graduating seniors by the College Coach, who will visit the high school during their spring break under the supervision of the high school’s College Counselor.

May-June - Coaches will attend a citywide training and continue working at the high school under the supervision of the College Counselor.

July-August - College Coaches will engage with students on the high school campus and on local college campuses, as well as virtually through phone, text and social media to ensure students are completing steps to matriculation. Coaches will work under the supervision of a Central Supervisor at New Visions, and a Summer Site Supervisor (a 12 month employee) at the high school.

August -  Graduates’ immediate enrollment Information, including current contact information, tracked throughout the summer by College Coaches, will be processed and shared with College Counselors and School Administrator(s) to promote sustained alumni outreach efforts and in-depth understanding of alumni pathways after graduation.

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