Community & Family Engagement

We engage and leverage partners and the local community in support of developing young people as local and global citizens. Our partnerships align school and community resources to provide enrichment opportunities, crisis intervention services, instructional supports, and postsecondary options.

We engage families

By taking families from participants to leaders with  the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI). We partner with schools to facilitate this free, 20 week course. Our goal is to connect families with tools developed to enact leadership and help provide opportunities to effect change in their communities.

We build partnerships

By collaborating with schools to engage partners and the local community to provide academic, SEL and postsecondary experiences including presentations and workshops to connect students with college awareness, access & enrollment, work based learning, and internship placement opportunities.

We elevate students

By centering student voice and involvement through the Student Advisory Network (SAN). We support students positively impacting their school community by designing resources created through student-NV staff collaborative working groups.

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Deputy Director of Community

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Senior Post Secondary Partnership

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