The New Visions for Public Schools Scholarship Programs

New Visions for Public Schools Scholarship

New Visions has awarded scholarships to high achieving seniors annually since 2009, with 157 scholarships granted to date, including 57  current undergraduates. Scholarship recipients, the vast majority of whom are first-generation college students, are awarded up to $20,000 over 4 years to support the costs associated with attending the college of their choice.

Applicants must be graduating seniors in one of New Visions’ partner high schools. Our scholarship recipients, some of the most inspiring and accomplished young people in NYC, are selected based on academic rigor and achievement, community engagement, leadership, and financial need. Students awarded the scholarship have graduated from Dartmouth University, Cornell University, CUNY City College, and SUNY Stony Brook, among other institutions. 

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Opportunity Scholarship

Since 2022, the Opportunity Scholarship has supported the postsecondary aspirations of 320 Black and Latino male students from our network of high schools. (In the 5 Young Women’s Leadership Schools, the scholarships are provided to female students). The scholarship has awarded $1 million each of the past 3 years to support students’ postsecondary education choices, which can be either a college or career pathway, an option that is not usually covered by other scholarships. The scholarship is focused on providing support to  a large number of students across our partner schools who may not have access to other scholarships, which are typically directed to a small group of high achievers. 

Each year, 2 students from each of our network schools receive a scholarship. To ensure equitable access, we work with educators in each school  to nominate students.  The winner is awarded a $10,000 scholarship over 4 years, and runners-up receive a one time $2,000 scholarship.

Opportunity Scholarship recipients must be graduating seniors in one of our partner high schools with a GPA of 80% or higher. Opportunity scholars are chosen based on their academic readiness, leadership, selection of a clear postsecondary pathway such as college or a career training program, and financial need.  The Opportunity Scholarship changes the life trajectories of these students, decreasing cost or debt-related barriers that would have prevented many of these Black and Latino students from pursuing their ideal postsecondary pathway.

Jay L. Kriegel Memorial Scholarship

In honor of longtime New Visions Board member Jay L. Kriegel, the Kriegel Scholarship awards 5 civically active graduating seniors a $5,000 scholarship. To date, we have awarded a total of $100,000 worth of scholarships to 20 students in our partner schools. Principals nominate one senior who has demonstrated civic engagement in their school, local and global communities. The Kriegel Scholarship has no restrictions in terms of  GPA or financial need. 

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