Postsecondary Advising Model

New Visions’ Postsecondary Advising Model is an effort to increase the postsecondary enrollment and persistence rate across schools in the New Visions Network by supporting schools to create systems and routines to ensure all students receive the advising they need. 

Together, New Visions staff, and counselors from across the network, will focus on supporting students in applying to postsecondary pathways and opportunity programs; using New Visions’ Data Portal to track critical milestones; and using student- and institutional-level data to support students and their families in finding “best-fit” postsecondary commitment.  

Program Overview

The New Visions Postsecondary Advising Model supports schools to implement systems and routines to ensure students in grades 11 and 12 prepare for, commit to, and ultimately enroll in the postsecondary institution of their choice. To help schools achieve this ambitious goal, New Visions provides coaching; data support; curricular materials to support student learning; a professional learning community; and trained alumni coaches.  

Our Shared Goals: 

Our Approach: The program brings together a tool (The Portal by New Visions); a coach who will support counselors in completing and tracking critical postsecondary application milestones; a community of counselors who can share knowledge and resources; and a structure to support it all. This structure includes Strategic Data Check-Ins (SDCs) - protocol-driven conversations that take place at defined moments and focus on using data to support critical decision-making and tasks, a postsecondary curriculum that counselors and teachers can use to support instruction, and regular group convenings where we tackle shared challenges and spread best practices. 

Shared Norms

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