Postsecondary Advising Model

New Visions’ Postsecondary Advising Model is an effort to increase the college enrollment and persistence rate across schools in the New Visions Network by supporting schools to create systems and routines to ensure all students receive the advising they need.

Together, New Visions staff, and counselors from across the network, will focus on supporting students in applying to college and opportunity programs; using New Visions’ Data Portal to track critical college-going milestones; and using student- and institutional-level data to support students and their families in finding “best-fit” colleges.

Program Overview

Our Shared Goal:

  • Increase the college enrollment and persistence rate across schools and;

  • Ensure all graduating seniors have a clear and supported transition plan

Our Approach: The program brings together a tool (The New Visions Data Portal); a coach who will support counselors in completing and tracking critical college application milestones; a community of counselors who can share knowledge and resources; and a structure to support it all. To ensure our work is as focused and productive as possible, we engage in what we call Strategic Data Check-Ins (SDCs): protocol-driven conversations that take place at defined moments and focus on using data to support critical decision-making and tasks. This year, New Visions is expanding the pilot through a partnership with the DOE’s College and Career Planning Team.

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Jeremy Greenfield

Deputy Director of College