Student Leadership & Development

Resources & Tools Created by Students for Schools

Use these tools and resources to incorporate Student Engagement into any element of your school's activities. 

The purpose of this tool is to provide a model of best practices in communicating and addressing unplanned current events or breaking news stories that could impact the social emotional well-being of the school community. 

The purpose of this tool is to provide an overview of the process NV SAN students used to advocate for more current event discussions in their schools which can be done at any school. The packet includes information gathering templates for students and staff and recommendations  that students made to their schools based on the data collected from their  survey and assessment. 

This presentation for the Affinity Youth Summit provides an overview of how to implement student-staff collaborative working groups within your school. The presentation also includes resources and materials produced by NV SAN student-staff collaborative working groups. 

This resource provides an overview of a student-facilitated focus group comprised of students and school staff to discuss the barriers of having current event conversations in the classroom. The tool also shares strategies and techniques developed collaboratively by the student-staff focus group that can be used in the classroom to create a community where difficult conversations thrive. 

This resource provides a model of a peer advisory structure that centers the topics and issue areas that students would like to discuss. 

This resource is a template of the Student Voice Assessment and can be used in schools as a tool for research in understanding the actual school culture around access to opportunities for students to express their beliefs, create change and positively impact their school community.

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