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The NV Student Advisory Network (NV SAN) 

is a regularly scheduled meeting of high school students who attend schools in our New Visions network. Students use research skills to collaboratively work on projects and provide recommendations to improve the work of New Visions on both a school and systemic level. 

NV SAN Year 4: 2020-2021

Cohort Focus: Using a virtual program model, students worked in small project groups with staff members from departments across New Visions.  The student-staff groups produced research and resources ranging from lesson plans on writing narratives, financial literacy lessons, research on digital device distribution in schools, social emotional learning in high school and a student engagement training for school staff members. 

NV SAN Year 3: 2019-2020

Cohort Focus:  Used 21st Century skills to serve as content experts on the high school student experience by leveraging their expertise in student- staff collaborative project groups. The student-staff groups produced research and resources ranging from social media guides to an analysis on the meaning of belonging in high school and how this can impact postsecondary choices. 

NV SAN Year 2: 2018-2019

Cohort Focus:  Worked in school teams to utilize the research from year 1 students in order to advocate for specific recommendations to their schools around increasing both opportunities for student voice and leadership by increasing opportunities to discuss current events in various school spaces  

NV SAN Year 1 2017-2018

Cohort Focus:   Researched and  analyzed data in order to provide recommendations for schools on how to incorporate current events into various aspects of the school day including advisory lessons,  creating an emergency/breaking news communication plan for students and exploring the challenges both students and teachers face when having current events discussion in the classroom. 

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