Student Advisory Network Presentations 2020

SAN Presentations 2020

Welcome to the New Visions Student Advisory Network Year 3 presentation page. This year, students focused on developing 21st Century skills to  collaborative in working groups with New Visions staff members and departments. In these working groups, students and staff worked together to research, provide data and/or create resources that can be used by both New Visions as an organization on a systems level and at schools on a local level. 

Intro to NV SAN Year 3

The best way to view the presentations are in the order they are presented below. All of the presentations include audio . Some presentations require reading, while others have voice overs.   While viewing, please consider thinking about the following reflection questions: 

1. What does student voice look like within your [school or work] community ?

2. What role can I play in increasing opportunities for student leadership at school and/or at home?

3. How can we elevate the voices of all stakeholders in a school community

After you are done viewing the presentations, we ask that you fill out a feedback form with any questions you may have.  We are hosting a live virtual Q&A session with students on Tuesday, June 9th from 4:15pm-5:15pm. You can RSVP at the bottom of the feedback form. 

Student Engagement 

Isaiah (TMA),  Jaisaya (TYWLS Queens), Rebecca (TMA) and Tony (AMS II) worked with staff member Jackie from the Community Engagement and Postsecondary Pathways department (CEPP) to take a deeper dive into the categories within the Spectrum of Student Voice to create a meeting template with activities schools can use to implement a balanced spectrum of Student Voice within their own schools.  The templates created will be used as resources for schools interested in developing student and staff working groups and reflection practices for schools to review student leadership and decision making opportunities within the school community.  

To view a Student-Staff partnership  activity that you can do at your school, click here

Students on Charter Boards 

Hanna (Fort Hamilton), Mariam (AMS II), Nathalie (Central Park East) and  Nia-Salessie (AMS) worked with staff members Syntosha from the Charter team of the School Support department and Kim from the Community Engagement and Postsecondary Pathways (CEPP) department to explore and advocate for the addition of student representatives to join the NV Charter Boards. Together, they created criteria and an example application that boards can use to recruit and vet students who would be interested in joining.  The work completed by  this team will assist in a larger discussion of potentially adding a student rep to one of the NV Charter Network Boards. 

Student Focus Groups 

Alicia (QIRT), Jade (Central Park East), Janilia (QIRT) and Kafilat (Mott Hall HS) worked with  Eunice from the Community Engagement and Postsecondary Pathways department to collect qualitative data about the needs of students in understanding the postsecondary process throughout each year of high school.  Students conducted virtual interviews with students in the 9th, 11th and 12 grades to understand and provide recommendations for schools in helping students at each grade level with preparing for their transition from high school.  The data collected from the focus groups will be used to develop a Postsecondary Seasons of Transition suggested timeline for schools. 

Postsecondary Belonging  

Brianna (Bronx HS for Law & Community Service), Katherine (Fort Hamilton), Tanisha (TYWLS Queens) and Tashauna (Bronx HS for Law & Community Service)  worked with Glenda and Shanell from the Community Engagement and Postsecondary Pathways (CEPP) department to answer the research question, "What makes a student feel like they belong at their school?" Students developed a survey and analyzed data to better understand the factors that help and hamper students from belonging at their schools. The data collected will be used by the NV Postsecondary Pathways team to examine how best fit postsecondary options are determined for students within the network. 

This video is an  in depth description of the group's process and an analysis of the group's findings in their own voices, for a summary of the findings, click here to watch the video.

Instagram Guide 

Aissata (AMS II), Adrian (Mott Hall HS)  and Jona (Central Park East)  worked with  Joely from the Communications unit in the Strategy and Development department to develop a instagram style guide for schools.  Schools can utilize Instagram not only as a recruitment tool, but also as a way to engage and connect with current students and families. Features like "IG Live" and "IG Stories" provide opportunities for schools to showcase the  people, activities and community that make their school unique. 

Take a look at our guide here! You can use it to build the foundations for your school or organization's Instagram account. 

Thank you for viewing our presentations, feel free to fill out our feedback survey and RSVP to our Q&A through this form

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