Family Leadership

The Family Leadership Academy (FLA)

is a free program, seeking to enable parents to become leading advocates for children. The cornerstones of the program are respect, validation and a belief that when the tools of democracy are understood, the public will actively engage in civic life.  Parents are offered three phases of training:

Class Overview

~ Retreat ~

WEEK 1: Passion with Purpose

WEEK 2: Purpose with Change

WEEK 3: Change with Process

WEEK 4: Process with Networks

WEEK 5: Networks with Alliances

WEEK 6: Alliance with Policy

WEEK 7: Policy with Accountability

WEEK 8: Accountability with Community

WEEK 9: Community with Voice

WEEK 10: Final Presentations

~ Graduation ~

Families are one of the most important catalyst to reform and change.

When given the opportunity, time, and shared knowledge families will engage in public policy, community change and creating equitable outcomes.

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Senior Family Engagement Manager