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A list of internships, trainings and events for students. 

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How To Use This Site 

The Student Opportunities page is a collection of internships, enrichment programs, events and additional opportunities that students can apply to and participate in outside of school time. 
Suggested Ways to Use the Page: 
  1. Highlight a few opportunities that are of interest to your students and encourage students to apply or attend. You can select opportunities based on the location or type of experience. 
  2.  Target a group of students to apply for specific opportunities based on their interest areas. For example, working with students who are interested in writing to apply for opportunities that are writing contests or writing internships. 
  3.  Host application drop-in hours for students to get support in applying for opportunities. This ensures that students are completing all parts of the application and have a greater chance of being selected for the program. 

If you need additional support or guidance in preparing students for WBL opportunities, please see the resources section below or contact Jackie McKinney at

Opportunities From NV Partner Orgs- 

These opportunities are from organizations and companies who are current or former NV partners. Students can mention that they attend a school in the NV network and they learned about the opportunity from this page. However, being a part of the NV network does not guarantee an interview or placement into the internship or program.

 *New* Business Exploration Summer Program  - Deadline May Rolling

Eligibility: NYC High Students

Apply  Here

The Berkeley Research Group is recruiting rising 10th- 12th grade students for their week long Leg Up Program. The Leg Up program introduces students to the world of consulting and the wide range of industries where students can make an impact. The program includes a weeklong summer session that consists of a welcome event, four consecutive days on site, and various class offerings. The program offers educational sessions, skill-building sessions, networking opportunities, and electives. Upon completion of the program, students continue to participate in events including college admission panels, local day trips, and informational sessions with our experts.

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These are confirmed opportunities from organizations and companies who are recruiting students for their programs. The opportunities are sourced from community newsletters,  job boards and websites. Please reach out to the contact listed directly, if applicable, for more information about the program. 

 Free Summer  Weekend Youth Empowerment Program- Deadline Rolling 

Eligibility:  This program is open to 14-18 year olds.

Young Women at the Helm is specifically for female identifying students, Young Men at the Helm for male identifying students, and Queerwater for LGBTQ+ identifying students. If you are interested in sailing, environmental science, or just making new friends in a unique environment, this experience is for YOU!

Apply Here

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater invites you to be a part of a unique experience this summer onboard the tall ship Clearwater. A replica of a 19th century Hudson River sailboat, the Clearwater acts as a floating environmental classroom and seeks to inspire lifelong love for the natural world and stewardship for the Hudson River. This year, we are offering three Youth Empowerment Programs: Young Women at the Helm, Young Men at the Helm and LGBTQ+ Youth at the Helm ("Queerwater"). These programs specifically seek to engage young people from throughout the Hudson Valley, from small towns to big cities, in discovering and developing new talents and abilities in an amazing, unconventional, unforgettable (and FREE!) experience! 

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College Prep Program for Juniors and Seniors- Rolling

Eligibility: Seniors who will enroll in college Fall 2024, Rising Seniors (current juniors) 

Apply Here

Bottom Line supports first-gen college students from underserved communities to get in to college, to graduate, & to go far. Students who join our Access & Success programs receive free, personalized advising for up to 7 years. All students receive career related experience through our Career Connections Team. 

Access Program for Rising Seniors 

Our Access Program for rising seniors (current juniors) supports students with a free, personalized, advisor throughout the entire college application process.

Success Program  for Current Seniors

Our Success program supports rising 1st year freshman (current seniors) in their journey to college graduation &  the launch of their career with a free personalized advisor. Advisors support in the areas of Degree, Employment, Financial Aid, & Life. Bottom Line provides College Success services to students who attend a select group of "Target Colleges". See our one-pager for additional information and a list of Target Colleges.

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*New* Google Coding and Computer Science In-person Lab Program - Deadline August 2, 2024

Eligibility: Any student in 9th through 12th grade that is at least 13 years of age can apply. Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students are strongly encouraged to apply.


Code Next is a free, computer science education program that meets Black, Latinx and Indigenous students in their own communities and provides the skills and inspiration they need for long and rewarding careers in tech and computer science-related elds. Code Next Labs are physical labs where students come in person to learn about all things computer science-related.  If you have any further questions, please reach out to This program starts in Fall 2024. 

Accepted Students Gain Access To: 

Location:  CodeNextNYC

316 W 16th Street 

Manhattan, NY 10011

Click here for more information about the program 

*New* Technology 9 month Hybrid Program (stipend)-  Early Deadline July 19, Final Deadline August 15, 2024

Eligibility: Rising high school juniors and seniors attending a New York City (all boroughs)

Apply Here

The Tech Flex Leaders (TFL) Program is an immersive out-of-school time program for juniors and seniors enrolled in a New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami high school. Students who complete the program earm a $1000 stipend.  This program engages students interested in technology through:

Program Schedule:

For questions, contact

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*New* Brooklyn Museum Teen Night Planning Committee(Paid Internship)- September 16, 2024

Eligibility: This program is open to all NYC high school students ages 14–19 

Apply Here  

In this paid internship, New York City teens create community programming grounded in art and activism, collaborating in program design, organizing activities, and promoting young artists who are changing the world. Get paid $16 per hour. Second-year Teen Night Planning Committee members serve as leaders in the program and are paid $17 per hour. Work up to 75 hours for the year! MetroCards will be provided to support weekend and evening work.

Teen Night Planning Committee members:

Questions?  Email us at

Click here for more information about the program 

*New* Brooklyn Museum LGBTQ+ Art & Activism (Paid Internship)- October 13, 2024

Eligibility: New York City LGBTQ+ teens ages 14–19

Apply Here

In this paid internship, New York City LGBTQ+ teens ages 14–19 explore gender and sexuality in art through an activist lens, and work collaboratively to organize programs for other queer and trans youth. InterseXtions teens:

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This section features enrichment events and programs that students can attend on their own time and contests that students can apply to directly .

Resources for WBL Staff 

This section features resources for staff members who work to find work based learning opportunities for students which includes jobs for graduation seniors. 

Contact Me!

Jackie McKinney


*New Deadline* Summer Coding Programs -Deadline May 10th, 2024 

Eligibility: High School aged, Identify as Male Student of Color , no coding experience necessary 

Apply Here 

All Star Code creates economic opportunity by developing a new generation of boys and young men of color with an entrepreneurial mindset who have the tools they need to succeed in a technological world.

Choose Your Path: 3 Week Sprint 

3-Week Tech Sprint: Fast-Track Your Coding Skills

CYCLE ONE: July 8, 2024 - July 26, 2024

CYCLE TWO: July 29, 2024 - August 16, 2024

Target Audience: High-school age young men of color seeking a quick, immersive dive into tech.

Key Features: Intense coding instruction in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Workshops on problem-solving and critical thinking and tailored engagements with tech professionals and guest speakers.

Outcome: Develop a solid foundation in coding and gain insights into the tech industry.


6-Week Tech Marathon: Your Exclusive Gateway to Tech

July 8, 2024 - August 16, 2024

*Limited to 50 Students - Exclusive Opportunity*

Target Audience: This program is tailored for a select group of highly motivated students who demonstrate a deep commitment to mastering the complexities of computer science and technology.

Exclusive Advantages (Beyond the 3-Week Sprint): Advanced Curriculum Delve into sophisticated web development and software engineering topics, designed for those aspiring to excel in tech.

Demo Day: A chance to showcase exceptional coding talent through a capstone project for partners, mentors and donors.

Privileged Access to Industry Leaders: Partake in exclusive site visits to leading tech companies, gaining invaluable exposure and insights into the professional tech world. Leadership and Mentorship Opportunities: Engage in unique roles within tech communities, enhancing your leadership skills and forming mentor-mentee relationships with industry experts.

Outcome: Acquire comprehensive coding skills, complete a significant project, and gain deeper industry insights.

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Web Design Bootcamp-Priority Deadline Final May 24, 2024

Eligibility: Rising high school juniors and seniors currently attending a New York City (all boroughs)

Apply Here 

TECH360 Summer Boot Camp is America on Tech’s 3-week training program for rising high school juniors and seniors. Students enrolled in the program learn the fundamentals of web design and development from America on Tech instructors and software engineers working at technology companies. Most sessions will be hosted via Zoom and students who complete the program will receive a $500 stipend.

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