Our Vision

Every New Visions school in our core network will support students and their caregivers so that students graduate with a postsecondary commitment that includes best fit education, training, employment, transition supports and the skills and experience to succeed in that plan.

Our Areas of Work

Career Readiness 

Building school capacity to support student development of 21st Century skills.

College Access & Success / Alumni Relations

Supporting students to explore their best-fit postsecondary plan and the skills and experience to succeed.

Family Engagement    

Building school capacity to work with families in service of post secondary transitions.

Community  Engagement

Leveraging partnerships in support of school and student needs.

Student Leadership

Empowering students to use research and collaborative projects to improve the work of NVPS. 

Our Team

Jennie Soler McIntoshVP of CEPP 
Kimberley CambridgeDeputy Director of Community & Family Engagement
Jessica SaskoDeputy Director of Postsecondary Readiness
E. Lydell CarterSenior Post Secondary Partnership Manager
Sandy JimenezPostsecondary Pathways Resource Manager
Emily TaskCareer Readiness Program Manager
Jackie McKinneyPartnership Manager
Shanell LockhartPostsecondary Pathways Manager
Robin BlancCareer Readiness Strategy Manager
Joshua HermanProgram Associate
Glenda TesalonaAlumni Relations Manager
Elizabeth CiarretaCareer Readiness Strategy Manager
Jharol AguirreCareer Readiness Manager