Student Advisory Network Presentations 2021

NV SAN Projects 2021

Welcome to the New Visions Student Advisory Network Year 4 presentation page. This year, students focused on developing 21st Century skills to collaborate in working groups with New Visions staff members and departments. In these working groups, students and staff met virtually together to research, provide data and/or create resources that can be used by both New Visions as an organization on a systems level and at schools on a local level. 

Viewing the Projects

The best way to view the projects  is in the order they are presented below. A description of the project and how to use the resource and tool are included in the description.  The project presentations vary in scope and size. Some presentations are self guided and require reading, while others have video or voiceovers. 

 After you are done viewing the projects, we ask that you RSVP to attend the Q&A session and submit any questions you have about the projects on the RSVP form at  The virtual Q&A session with students will be held on Tuesday, June 9th from 4:00pm-5:15pm.

Engaging Students as Partners

Ashly ( World View HS), Afoeri (NV Advanced Math & Science IV), Brianna (NV Advanced Math & Science IV) and Hanna (Fort Hamilton) worked with staff member Jackie from the Community Engagement and Postsecondary Pathways (CEPP) department and Jamie of the School Support Department to develop and present a training on how to use the Spectrum of Student Voice as a tool to assess opportunities in classrooms and schools to engage students as partners, leaders and decision-makers.  The students were able to present to teachers who are aspiring school leaders and are earning their Masters of Education in School Leadership. The video to the left highlights their takeaways from facilitating the training and the next steps that educators implemented in their classrooms as a result of the training.  Feel free to pause the video at any point to read each slide. 

To view the training that students facilitated with teachers, click HERE!

Device Distribution for Virtual Learning

Cesar (Marble Hill) and Safiyah ( New Visions Advanced Math & Science) worked with staff members Terence and Caroline from the Operations Department to research and  explore challenges faced by students and families when receiving a digital device like a tablet or laptop from their school.  Together, they created a Remote Learning Challenges and Tips Sheet  that can be sent out to students and families to help them care for their device. 

View our research and tips guides here

NV SAN SEL Presentation

Social Emotional Learning 

Alyamama (Khalil Gibran International Academy), Jorge (HS for Telecommunication Arts & Technology), Light (New Visions Humanities HS), Paola (World View HS) , Yasmin (HS for Telecommunication Arts & Technology)  and Zory ( HS for Service and Learning at Eramus) worked with Greg from the School Support Department, Charter unit to learn about the CASEL framework in order to explore what SEL looks like from a student's perspective. Students created a self guided presentation with video and audio that about what SEL growth looks like from the perspective of high school students. Videos and audio from this presentation can be used as a learning tool to better understand high school students and can be  shared during trainings and workshops for schools and CBOs to discuss and unpack SEL opportunities for students. 

The best way to view this presentation (left) is to enlarge the presentation and  click through the presentation, taking the time to read the slides and watch the videos presented. 

Student Narratives 

Kevaughn (NV Advanced Math and Science)  and Leah (Academy for Careers in Television and Film)  worked with  Eunice from the Community Engagement and Postsecondary Pathways department, Community and Family Engagement Unit to develop a lesson plan on how to discuss and use narratives in the classroom and advisory space.  Students tested out their lesson plan by providing their own narratives on the topics of trials and tribulations during quarantine.  To the view the narratives, and learn more about the process to create narratives with young people, click here.  

To try this activity with your students, click here for a lesson plan or watch the video to the left which summarizes the process. 

Financial Literacy Project

Financial Literacy 

Brianna (Central Park East), Christian (NV Advanced Math and Science III),  Mariam (NV Advanced Math and Science) and Rebecca (Thurgood Marshall Academy) worked with Emani and Zenita from the Operations Department  to develop a financial literacy activity that can be completed as a lesson plan or a self guided learning tool for high school students.  Together, this group developed a Jeopardy game to educate high school students about basic financial terms and concepts to begin building an understanding about banking and finances.  

The video highlights a summary of the importance of financial literacy from a student's perspective and provides resources that you can use with students to learn more about financial literacy terms and concepts. The best way to view the presentation is to enlarge the slide deck and click through the presentation at your own pace. Don't forget to click the music icon in the lower right corner on the opening slide! 

Take a look at the Jeopardy Game here and try it out with your students! 

Thank you for viewing our projects, feel free to ask questions and RSVP to our Q&A (June 9, 2021 at 4pm) here

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