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Opportunity Scholarship Launched


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Scholarships Awarded


Through a generous donation of $1 million, all 80 NVPS network schools will support two Black and/or Latino males, who are graduating seniors with an Opportunity Scholarship. The winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship paid $1250.00 per semester. A secondary winner will receive a one-time scholarship of $2,000. The scholarships are to be used towards their postsecondary education plans: college or career training programs. The financial assistance can be used to cover direct costs such as tuition and fees, as well as indirect costs such as books, transportation and supplies.

Aside from the financial support, Opportunity scholars will also receive free support through a partner success organization such as Let’s Get Ready or Bottom Line. Scholars will be offered support of a Bridge coach to ensure Fall enrollment to college or career training programs. And Opportunity scholars will be offered workshops and events with New Visions staff and partner organizations.


  • Black and/Latino male; females from the five The Young Women’s Leadership School

  • 2023 grad from one of the 80 New Visions network of schools

  • Planned postsecondary education: college or career training program

  • Demonstrated financial need for postsecondary education

Process Timeline

(Exact dates to be announced)

February - Early April 2023

  • Application open

  • 80 NVPS network schools form scholarship committee to review and score completed applications

April 2023

  • Each schools’ scholarship committee nominate a winner ($10,000 scholarship paid in 4-years; $1250 per semester) and a secondary winner ($2,000 one-time scholarship)

  • Nominations reviewed by New Visions for Public Schools

  • Winners announced

On June 21, 2022, New Visions hosted a reception for all Opportunity scholarship winners. Here are some photos that captured the event.

Student Talks

Our Opportunity scholars share their experience on how they are navigating their first year of college and what they have learned so far. Check in for regular updates on our scholarship recipients.

What is one weird thing you noticed about your college?

Jaden B.

St. Bonaventure University

"A weird/odd thing I’ve noticed about my college is how busy yet quiet it is here. There’s always something going on but it all blends together harmoniously. All the events are well organized, and nothing ever clashes. This is only weird to me because I’m not used to having so many successful events occurring around me all at once."

Richard A.

University at Albany

"College has taught me that I need to be able to advocate for myself and handle things on my own. I have to do things on my own because basically I'm a young adult now and capable of making my own decision without having my parents do everything for me. I've noticed that most people at my college are able to balance most things from social lives to knowing when to do their homework."

Chepal C.

SUNY Canton

"College showed me how much I love to be upstate. It showed me how much I hated the city. Something weird in my college is I'm near a farm and it smells like cows".

What is one new thing you discovered about yourself?

Andrew G.

John Hopkins University

"College definitely taught me and continues to teach me that it’s just endless studying. I built a habit of studying back in high school, but it definitely isn’t the same now. So I have to make a new habit and it definitely isn’t fun. But I’m ready to excel."

Oswaldo S.

New York University

"College has taught me that I have so much more to learn and that I need to humble myself. The homework and the lecture must be taken really serious. It’s not like high where you get a lot of homework but the work is easy and the classwork actually puts you to think more outside the box. For example, I’m taking an engineering class called EG-1004 as an introduction to engineering and our final is a Semester Long Project where we must design something innovative and valuable for society. In other words, college is hard and you have to work hard."

Ephraim Z.

Lehman College

"College has taught me that I am not as durable as I thought I was. I need a lot more time now to myself and to sleep. The schedule has a lot of time between classes and that gives me time to do a lot of work and study. So when I get home I feel exhausted and don’t have energy to do much."

Christopher L.

Fashion Institute of Technology

"College has already taught me that i am someone who needs to have more structure. I feel in these first few weeks i have learned that i need to develop schedules for myself and things to keep me on track because it is very easy to be distracted and forget about an assignment since no one is telling you what to do constantly, the freedom is like a double edged sword in the sense that it is great to be treated like an adult and you are allowed to figure things out for yourself, but you also are completely responsible for yourself."

David A.

CUNY City College of New York

"College has taught me to work harder and work on things earlier rather than delay. "

What is an interesting class you are taking that high school would have never offered?

John F.

CUNY City Tech

"My architecture 101 class is interesting because we actually go out in the real world and look at buildings and analyze. Even though it’s only the first month we’re already playing around with projects which is also a fun creative process."

Joel N.

Hostos Community College

"A class that I am taking is "Intro To Recording" which is teaching me the basic of how to record in a studio. I love this class because I want to be an artist in music, this class will help me tremendously. "

Christopher R.

Lehman College

"One class I take that my HighSchool would have never offered is Immigration. This topic has been taught to me before in a lesson or a chapter but never as a class focused on that subject alone."

Danny H.

CUNY City College

"I'm taking a Speech class for the fall semester, in which high school wouldn't have offered. Each class, we present in front of the class & strengthen our ability as a public speaker. It's been a good experience so far!"

Being in a new environment means creating new social circles. How have you began to create your new social circle?

Zaniya D.

Farmingdale State College

"Because I dorm it’s been pretty easy for me to meet new people and make new friends. I have more upperclassmen friends than freshmen friends but my experience has been pretty good."

Nicolas A.

CUNY Hunter College

"I have been making friends playing basketball and just overall being the social person I am who will always find someone to talk to "

Shai G.

Manhattanville College

"I joined the cross country and track team, and I have bonded with my fellow scholarship members."

Nathaniel C.

Hunter College

"It's been alright for the most part, I just need to be more outgoing and be less in my head about interacting with other people. I noticed that you need to talk more to others and not be quiet in spaces where mostly everyone in conversing. "

Jacob L.

Binghamton University

"The way I’m going to new social circles is by going to general body meetings for different organizations in Binghamton also going on weekly meetings with my counselor. As a person who shy and doesn’t talk a lot I’ve met a lot of people , not only family but friends that are helping me and will continue to help academically and I’m looking forward to getting into more things at bing as time goes by. "

Mike S.

Monroe College

"Well I can say that, with the Men’s soccer I have made a new social circle with people from many different parts of the world. I learn about them and they learn about me. "